Meagher County Sportsmen’s Association

465 Jackson Rd. White Sulphur Springs, MT

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Recent Improvements

A crew of old men arrived with the loan of a farm tractor by Jerry Churchill to begin serious work on construction of the backstops behind the various target areas.  A big thanks to Jess Seacrest, Ron Coleman, Don Babcock, Gary Smith, Tim Allen and Mike Vennard!

     The indoor range, pictured below, is for .22 caliber rim fire rifle and .22 rimfire pistol shooting.  Hunter Safety classes, 4-H Shooting Sports Programs, and both firearms and bow hunting Education programs utilize the facility.

     The outside facility includes 4 bench-rest positions, 8 positions for 22 rim fire silhouette shooting and 4 positions for general shooting. When shooting outdoors you have your choice of paper target at ranges of 25 to 300 yards, and a variety of silhouettes out to 1000 yds.

     Our newest facility, a secondary outside range is set up for pistol or close range rifle shooting.  

Recent Improvements