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A well regulated militia,
being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms,
shall not be infringed.

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Range Activities:

9 November 2016, White Sulphur Springs -Target Safety Backstops - Outdoor Range. Part 2

For the initial part of this report scroll down on this page to view the activity of Railroad tie delivery.

A crew of old men arrived with the loan of a farm tractor by Jerry Churchill to begin serious work on construction of the backstops behind the various target areas. Below is the process used and some of the construction in progress. A big thanks to Jess Seacrest, Ron Coleman, Don Babcock, Gary Smith, Tim Allen and Mike Vennard for showing up to the make the range safer and better.

In the beginning the ground where the RR ties are to be put is leveled.

Then the ties are placed, being overlapped and pinned to the ground and each other with rebar.

Dirt is then filled in between the ties and the targets. And also behind the ties for stability of the structure. The dirt inside the ties should provide a surface to see strikes if the bullets are off target.

" Wings" are placed on each end of the backing to help prevent the cows from rubbing on the end of the structure.

Up hill on the silhouette target it was found that severe construction was necessary for ties to be securely placed behind the tartest. It was decided that just piling up earth and lowering the targets would be sufficient to capture the errant shots.

The turkey and to the left a 500 yd gong. Repainting of the targets themselves will improve visual contrast for shooting.

Here is a view of the 400 yard berm, and the 500 meter ram from the shooting line. The ram will be moved to the right about 30 feet to give shots at the ram a clean path.

A view of the lower berms. From left to right, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards. The ram at 500 meters [to be move to the right] Then far center is the 600 yard gong, and on the hill at half is a 700+ yard gong and on top 800 and 900 yards. There will be berms placed at the 800 and 900 yard targets, the 700+ is to be moved, and the 500 yard gong is not visible to the right.

There are to be at least two more work days to complete the project. Please contact Jess Seacrest [phone book] to arrange to come and help.

12 September 2016, White Sulphur Springs -Target Safety Backstops - Outdoor Range.

The acquisition of 8 bundles of Rail Road ties to use in construction of the target butts to provide more safety by preventing dangerous ricochets out in the main range. Several members of the Association membership, under the direction of Jess Seacrest. The ties were procured from Checkerboard Cattle Company and delivered to the range where Bob Rooney loaned and drove the forklift to unload the ties to the proper locations.

Notice the tie balancing on top of the bundle.


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